ROAR at the Capitol
The 180 ROAR Rendezvous

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A Grateful Acknowledgment of
the 180 ROAR
Rendezvous to all of
the ROAR Company

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"Letters from Co-speaker of the House Bruce Hanna

OryGuns Heroic Pioneers of Faith

R.O.A.R. was founded to preach the gospel with the knowledge of the book of Acts of the Old Ory-gun´ Territory. We are reviving the roots of revival in evangelizing Native Americans. Once again, recommissioning ourselves to the original mission and intent of the first Trail Blazer missionary Jason Lee (The Preaching Statesman), which was to preach to and with the first nations people. We must have the Indians lead the way with another spirit quest for truth in search of The-Book-of-Heaven.

Dedication Ceremony.

"The Circuit Rider" Monument

Placed on State Capitol Grounds

Salem Oregon

April 19th, 1924

The Inscription on the Centerpiece of Oregon