ROAR Company-Oregon State Capitol as True Witnesesses Pulpit Rock, The Dalles, Oregon
First Nations leading the way...Preaching the ROAR Message Lockley Bremner 'First in Battle' Jason Lee Kissing the 'Apache Scout' with a Holy kiss Mr. Speaker Tom Delay holding Book of Heaven The Book of Heaven in hand with Thomas Jefferson and Sam Adams Jason Lee again giving Invocation at a AFP meeting
Line in the Sand TOUR June 2nd- July 17th Aaron Auer and John Sutton. In a hearing room  in the state Capitol 7 Feathers Casino. Canyonville, Oregon The Book of Heaven in The Church of God The Book of Heaven in a Romanian Church in Portland The Grandson of Robert Booth who led the way for the Placement of Circuit Rider Statue Jedediah Srong Smith in Deep Intercession Jesse Applegates Bible in the Rogue Valley On the Circuit where TL Osborne used to Pastor Thank God for the Prayer Warriors Rebecca in Yakima Reservation...firstfruit of ROAR at age 7 Champoeg Monument...the Plymouth Rock of the West George Washington and Jason Lee Let's Ride again James Autry...let's go tell the Nation Francis Asbury...Prince of Circuit Riders...Washinghton DC Pastor Jim Moore with the Book of Heaven at Salem House of Prayer Lincoln Memorial....Mayday Prayer Rally...Roaring to the Nation Catching a breathe at Good News Fellowship Historic Wolf Creek the Spiritual Roar Erruption Former Oregon Governor... Vic Atieha Praying at State Capitol, September 2nd, 2010 Calling the Mans spirit from the dead. Washinghton DC Historic St. John Episcopal Church, Washington DC First Church Grounds West of the Rocky Mountains...Oregon City, OR The Original ROAR Declaration Signers. April 19th 2008. State Capitol, Salem,OR ROAR Campmeeting Turner, OR The Centerpiece of Oregon The Inscription A Patriot Preacher The Circuit Rider with New Orders with The Declaration The Circuit Rider in Bloom The Circuit Rider Monument Salem, OR Don Cline making ROAR Company his Associates Lapwai, Id...Heart of the Nez Perce Don Cline...First Nations Ministry Honoring Don Cline with bear skin rug at the Turner Tabernacl Co Speaker of the House of Representatives in Oregon...Roar Campmeeting...Bruce Hanna Dean Braxton...Roar Campmeeting Vision Qwest! Browning Montanna...pastor Henry Bear Medicine Blackfeet Reservation... Betty Old Chief Jason Lee and Sherriff Mack The Boys from Myrtle Creek Father Dickson... Bondsman for the Church...Mt Ashland ROAR Campmeeting...Father Dickson Jerusalem Center. Medford, OR The mouth of the Umpqua River Jason and Jed preaching at a Womens Aglow retreat Spreading the Message in the Old Ory-gun Pure Thunders Home Town Calling All Circuit Riders Cherokee Women with The Book of Heaven Great Great Grandson of Chief Joseph Great Great Grandson of Chief Whiteswan leading us in Prayer Great Great Grandson of Chief Whiteswan Chief Whiteswan...Yakima Reservation Preaching on the Umatilla Reservation The Umpqua Circuit ROAR Company. January 10th, 2011. Oregon State Capitol as True Witnesesses